7 Reasons Why Building A Window Tinting Business Would Be An Immediate Win

By June 20, 2018Tinting

7 Reasons Why Building A Window Tinting Business Would Be An Immediate Win

Here’s a secret for you: popularity in tinted windows keeps on growing but there aren’t enough providers to meet the demand. Meaning if you took advantage of this market (which is crying out for tinting professionals!) you’d soon be noticed, successful and probably rich.

Need a little convincing? I can prove it to you.

Below is a list of the 7 biggest reasons why building a window tinting business would help you to become a winner.

1- HUGE Gross Margin

I don’t want to get into the semantics of it here, but generally it costs about £15 of material to tint a car. Once you’ve charged for the cost of those and then for your time and service etc, you’re looking at a whopping 70% margin per car. Nope, not a typo ‒ 70%! And I can prove such incomes are possible too…

One of my trainees called me about a month after his training to say “thank you,” and he was excited enough to share his figures with me. Bare in mind that this guy, like me,  started with nothing. Ground zero. So for him to tell me he was on track to earn £54,000 in his first year was a proud moment for me. And I’ve had trainees earning even more than that!

Take a look at the table below to see income potential:

2- No Experience? Not Essential!

Out of all 7, this is the reason I feel most passionate about because if window tinting was a skill that required a fancy degree or a string of qualifications, it wouldn’t have been much good to me.

I left school without any relevant qualifications, no business experience, and ZERO hours working with cars. Sure, I loved them (I’m a total motor-head) but I’d never messed about with an engine, added accessories or done anything more than driven one before. But luckily for me, and maybe even for you, you don’t need anything but the guts to try.

With my passion pushing me, I taught myself everything. I studied, practiced, and went digging for more top tips than I can count. But YOU don’t have to do that ‒ your road to success could be much easier than mine was, and here’s why…

With Master Automotive Group’s tinting courses, all that tedious and long-winded work has been done for you. Unlike me, you wouldn’t have weeks or months of studying before getting some hands-on experience.

Click here to find out more about that,  but for 5 more reasons why window tinting is a golden opportunity for building a business and for taking control of your own life, keep reading.

3- There’s Strength In Simplicity

It’s like riding a bike… once you know how to do it, window tinting is easy! You’ll be laughing when you’ve got the hang of everything and then earning a 70%  margin from it.

The process of window tinting is built from a handful of stages which are easy and fast to pick up. Trust me, I learnt the whole thing off by heart when I was still in my late teens, impatient and money-hungry.

To get an idea of what the tinting stages are, click here to take a quick look at this page which has listed out the basic steps.

You don’t even need fancy tools or the latest gadgets to perform quality work when tinting windows! All you need are:

– A few kinds of squeegees

– Hards cards

– And knives.

You could get everything you need from 1 store… or even your garden shed!

4- Work Where You Want

You don’t need a garage or a factory floor to take up window tinting ‒ 700sqft is probably perfect. But if you don’t have access to space of that size either, I’m living proof that you don’t need it! Would you even believe me if I said my business started in the back of a van?

I drove around in my trusty Vauxhall Astra, bouncing about the country like a pinball to tint windows and vinyl wrap vehicles.

I visited clients’ homes and worked on their driveway. I visited car shows and showed off my skills there to gain interest. And I visited car dealerships who wanted to tack a bit more onto their prices. (Because yes, tinting and wrapping do add value to a vehicle.)

I worked my way up from there, and now people are phoning ME, driving their cars across long distances to ME to get a slick look on their car.

5- Easy Expansion

Start small on individual cars, sure, but once you’ve established yourself and grown a bit of confidence it’s a natural step to move on to more high-profile projects. You see, tinting isn’t only effective in the Aftermarket Automotive industry.

Office buildings may want to reduce glare through their windows to keep their workers comfortable. Homeowners might want tinting film on their conservatories to keep them cool. And as mentioned above, car dealerships might want to squeeze every penny out of their vehicles so will hire you to add value to them all by tinting windows.

This just shows that as your experience and your reputation grows, so does your market (along with your potential income). And really, the possibilities are endless.

6- Your Target Market Will Keep On Growing

In short, people LOVE tinted windows.

It’s becoming ever more popular but not many professionals are catching on and taking advantage of this gap in the market. But you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. And that’s why you’d have more than your fair share of the market’s attention ‒ because you’d have fewer competitors.

So why do people want tinted windows at all? What are your selling points?

Well obviously, first, you’re giving them a good looking car. Tinted windows are usually associated with luxury cars like limos or VIP vehicles so you’re helping to make every drive feel luxurious for the driver and their passengers. And, just like those shiny cars that ferry around celebrities, tinted windows give the occupants privacy.

Tinted windows also reduce UV ray infiltration by up to 99%. This means you’re actually selling customers comfort since there’d be less heat and less glare inside the car. Blocked UV rays also mean there’d be less fading on the internal furnishing (something the seriously car-proud drivers will appreciate).

All of this would help you to sell your tinting skills. In fact, you’ve probably made it as good as irresistible for them! But if that’s still not enough to convince you that you’d have an eager and easily encouraged market, check out point 7. I’ve saved the best until last (and by best, I mean your strongest selling point!).

7- People Will Be Safer With Tinted Windows

This is huge, especially for families with children or pets because it would make them feel more secure every time they take a drive. But how exactly are people safer? Well…

For one thing, the adhesive attaching the tint film to windows acts as a bonding agent, massively reducing the risk of shattered fragments. If there happened to be an accident, a window that refuses to explode and sprinkle tiny crystals all over the car gives the passengers one less injury to worry about.

Also, as mentioned above, 99% of UV rays are unable to penetrate tint film but this does more than just make passengers comfortable. It protects their health, too. Not only is skin cancer a possible outcome of too much UV exposure (even through windows) but if some of the electrical equipment inside a car overheats too far, harmful fumes can be released and breathed in by the passengers.

So you’re not just selling someone a slick appearance, but another way to ensure their family’s safety. Make that clear, and clients will be tripping over each other to hire your services.

The Next Step

So, think you would enjoy making a 70% margin, having an ever-increasing demand for your work (which would be easy to sell) and thriving from being the boss of your own business? The easiest way to start is with a Master Tinting course which provides all the information you’d need, hands-on training and materials to help you get things off the ground. Click here to find out more.

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Have you thought about combining a window tinting business with a  vinyl wrapping business? It would be one of those “2 birds, 1 stone” situations. You could make easy upsells from either business, pulling in an even higher income.

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