Cash In On The Vehicle Wrapping Revolution!

By June 20, 2018Wrapping

Cash In On The Vehicle Wrapping Revolution!

Too busy earning a living to make some real money? Here’s your solution…

Did you know that vinyl wrapping is currently one of the easiest and most stable ways to become successful in the Automotive Aftermarket industry?

Do you know why right now is the best time to get involved?

And do you know what opportunity offers you a “golden ticket” towards having your own independent and profitable business?

Let me break it down for you and I bet, by the end of this blog, you’ll know exactly what you need to do in order to escape the daily 9-5 grind.

Why Is It Vinyl Wrapping Is So Popular?

In a nutshell, because it allows people to express themselves, turn heads wherever they drive and make them feel like their vehicle is individual and special. There’s always someone looking to switch up their colour whether it’s because they’re bored of their current one or because they want to keep up with changing fashions.

Vinyl wrapping gives people the chance to get really creative, and I’m not just talking about spots and stripes… They can be as loud and proud as they want to be with crazy designs reflecting their personality.

Customised wraps also provide one of the most effective marketing techniques businesses can possibly use ‒ a wrapped fleet of vehicles whose graphics promote a business can gain the attention of 85% of people. Suddenly, the business’s impact on their target market alone can multiply 15 times over!

To show you what I mean, I’ve found a page listing 10 of the best and most creative vinyl wraps from around the world. They’re not only clever, but memorable. A couple make you laugh, a couple influence you to become a customer/visitor, but all of them make a statement.

Click here to take a look for yourself.

Another reason why vinyl wrapping so popular is because it provides a layer of protection over a vehicle’s original paintwork. The wrap itself might look thin and flimsy but it’s actually an effective armour against flying stones and pebbles that get kicked up on the roads, preventing marks, scratches and chips.

This vinyl layer is easily removable too, meaning if someone wants to return to their car’s own colour, the wrap can be peeled off and shed like a snake shedding its skin, leaving behind no scratches, blemishes or marks.

A Simple Start Up (With A Low Initial Investment!)

It’s possible to move into a vinyl wrapping business even if you haven’t got a lot of money. You don’t necessarily have to hire out a garage to wrap vehicles in because it can be a fully functioning business out the back of a van. (In fact, this would be a better option when starting out since you’ll be able to reach customers anywhere, not having to rely on people finding and traveling to you.)

There are plenty of additional tools which could potentially make the job more comfortable, but initially you’ll only need the bare basic equipment to get the job done. These include the tools needed to apply the vinyl itself, such as squeegees and a heat gun, but you’ll also need something to trim the vinyl with and a pair of gloves to protect both your hands and the film on the car.

For more details on this, check out this page which gives you a brief description of the only 4 basic tools you need in an initial toolkit.

Through a partnership with Master Automotive Group, your initial tools will actually be given to you to make your start up even easier. Master Wrapping training courses provide you with the only initial equipment you’ll need, meaning you’ll be able to start wrapping the moment you leave our building.

Swipe Our Experience To Give Yourself An Edge

Our help doesn’t end when your training does.

We want to do more than fully prepare you with the right information and equipment. We also want to make sure you continue with your new skill feeling confident, settled and able to take on any wrapping job you might be asked to do.

So, here’s everything we do to ensure you never feel frustrated, alienated or alone:

– We ‘ll help you set pricing for large jobs.

– We’ll help you get digital prints designed and sent in the mail to you.

– If you have a tight deadline or a particularly large job, we’ll send one of our guys out to you for the day to help you wrap the vehicle.

– We have a dedicated technical support line which you can call anytime with a question or if there’s something you need. (Same goes for our Master Tinting courses too).

– We continually hold Film Star Workshops which are free for past trainees, communicating and demonstrating the latest techniques.

With all this extra help and support, starting a vinyl wrapping business could never be easier. It would be like having your own private tutor who never interferes unless you request their help.

And since you’ll have gotten to know our professional and experienced team on a personal level during your training, it won’t just feel like getting friendly advice from experts… it’ll feel like getting expert advice from friends. Which will make your entire experience far more comfortable.

Accreditation And Certification

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if leads and customers where predisposed to do business with you?

We make this happen.

Completing one of our Master Wrapping courses nails a certification up on your wall (and on your website homepage) which, when spotted by leads and customers, ignites an immediate feeling of trust. They will be reassured by it and therefore far more tempted to use your services.

We will also always recommend and accredit you to leads, sending potential customers your way and lining your calendar with wrapping jobs.

(The same goes for our Master Tinting courses)

Tons Of Income Streams

As a vinyl wrapping professional, you won’t have the same job over and over again. You’ll never be thinking, “Same old job, just a different colour.” Of course we’re talking about full vinyl wraps, but there’s also component wrapping, branded wrapping, etc.

Branded wrapping could involve jobs like digital print, responsible for the colourful designs of Sky Vans and other well-known company vehicles. Component wrapping on the other hand basically means wrapping individual parts of a vehicle such as the wing mirrors, roofs, spoilers, bonnets, and interior parts.

Not to mention, you have a huge range of material to offer people, encouraging unique looks and creative component wraps‒ matte, matte metallic, glosses, and several different decorative effects.

Why Is NOW The Best Time?

For one thing, your future customers are already looking for you! Vinyl wrapping is becoming ever more popular because the market is better educated on the benefits.

Plus, social opinion is leaning more and more towards believing that the more personalised something is, the better. And because the audience is expanding exponentially, it’s leaving a massive shortage of people who can actually do the job well, giving you less competition to worry about.

But best of all,  the growing demand has brought material pricing WAY down. Manufacturers are producing more material than ever and cutting their prices, which is great news for us! For instance say you’re wrapping a 4×4 truck; you’ll charge a few thousand pounds for the work, but your total overhead will now be only £200 to £250. Talk about a huge profit margin!

Your Next Step

Here at Master Automotive Group, we’re coaching people on a daily basis to achieve financial independence, a business they’re proud of, and a career they love. In fact, thanks to our training courses, 1,004 people have been able to quit their old jobs and are now enjoying their passion while earning more than a living. And 24 of those trainees are now earning over 6 figures!

You could make that a reality for yourself too! All you have to do is click here to find out more and get started on a Master Wrapping course.

And here’s a dirty little secret: if you combine your vinyl wrapping skills with window tinting, you could make easy upsells or combination sales, pulling in an even higher income!

To find out why window tinting is also popular,  just click here to discover 7  Reasons Why Building A Window Tinting Business Would Be An Immediate Win.