Master Automotive Group started out as one man and his van.

But, over the course of 12 years, raw passion and seamless business strategies have steered it through many milestones to become the largest and most respected automotive training company in the UK.

Humble Beginnings

CEO and Founder Oli Billson started from scratch at the age of 15 with no previous business experience or automotive aftermarket experience. He didn't have any fancy degrees or qualifications either. What he did have, was a passion for automotives and the mind of a fast learner.

And an eye for spotting gaps in the market…

Step 1 was detecting the acceleration demand for car wrapping, window tinting and vehicle remapping, offering him a window of opportunity to make his passion a profession. It was also an opportunity very few other businesses had noticed, minimising his competittion. He quickly taught himself how to wrap cars and tint windows, learnt the art of marketing, and discovered he had a serious flare for business.

Starting off small, Oli could be found tinting windows at shopping centres or presenting his new skills at car events, gaining interest. Soon, he was driving all over the UK in his trusty Vauxhall Astra van, visiting 35 dealership franchises who found his creative additions to their vehicles sold them much faster.

Growing and Coaching

Finally becoming a recognised brand, Oli found that with the right marketing tools and raving reviews, individuals were beginning to search him out and travelling to his rented garage to give their own vehicles a new image.

Hiring and training employees was a natural step, and before long, those employees had trainees of their own.

Becoming the Best

Master Automotive Group has now grown to become the largest and most respected automotive training company in the UK. And our impact has reached even further than that! We've helped people from around the world to achieve their business dreams by sharing our techniques, training and fail-proof marketing strategies with them.

Using what they learnt with us, past trainees have grown to be entrepreneurs of their own business, and have become experts in vinyl wrapping, vehicle remapping and window tinting. Over a thousand were able to quit their regular 9-5 jobs and a number of them have already joined the 60K Club. Some of those have even gone on to achieve millionaire status!