How Vehicle Remapping Will Help You Quit Your 9-5 Job And Become Your Own Boss!

By June 20, 2018Black Code

How Vehicle Remapping Will Help You Quit Your 9-5 Job And Become Your Own Boss!

Imagine what it would be like to indulge in your passion for cars, and get paid awesome money for it!

And think about how it would feel to set your own hours and work wherever you want to without anybody’s permission?

All this is a pipe dream for many people who are stuck in regular 9-5 jobs.

But with just a few hours per week, you could earn the equivalent in a month what most people make in a year!

Now if you’re a little skeptical, I don’t blame you.

So I encourage you to suspend your skepticism and read every single word of this blog post (and the rest of the site).

Because I’m going to tell you about an opportunity that can help you:

– Earn the amount of money you want to earn without any limits

– Work the hours you want to work—either part-time or full time

– Take all the time off you want without having to ask a boss

In other words, you’ll have more CONTROL of your life vs. a regular 9-5 job where you’re beholden to a boss!

It’s an opportunity called Vehicle Remapping.

Now if you’ve never heard of vehicle remapping, let me explain it for you.

It’s the modern day equivalent of tuning an engine.

When vehicles leave their manufacturers, their Engine Control Units (ECUs) have been laced with software restricting certain capabilities.

This is for both legal reasons and so their next model can come out “bigger and better” without returning to the blackboard for months of brainstorming and altering.

The truth is that vehicles actually have the potential to reach higher speeds, drive smoother and be more fuel efficient.

But YOU can take advantage of that and offer people a cheat-card, helping them to get more performance of their car, van or motorbike.

That way, they can experience a better drive and enjoy their time behind the wheel without having to spend thousands upgrading to the next model.

Don’t believe us?

Black Code for example, has made cars 25% more powerful, 25% more fuel efficient, and far more enjoyable to drive thanks to our tools, equipment, and software.

Think about it: being able to tell your prospects they can get up to 25% more performance out of their car with a snap of a finger…

…means they’ll be swarming to your door and throwing money at you like crazy!

What’s great is there’s no overhead or expensive startup costs to get started. And you don’t have to have any prior experiences with cars or remapping.

You just have to follow simple instructions and you can be off to the races!

Best part? The process of remapping is actually very simple too.

I know this because I managed to master it very quickly when I first began business at age 15.

It’s a bit like riding a bike ‒ once you know how, you can do it on automatic without having to think about it.

This means anyone has the ability to learn it, master it and turn it into a money-making skill!

To show you how simple it is, I dug out this web page which lists the steps of the process. As soon as you count the amount of steps, you’ll realise how quickly you’ll be able to pick up the technique and turn it into profit.

No Experience Needed! (Honest!)

I personally left school with no Automotive Aftermarket OR business related qualifications, certifications or experience.

That’s probably less of a foundation than you have right now!

You don’t even need any special skills to use the tools needed for the job:

– a laptop

– a trickle charger

– our Black Flash tool with all the software (connects to any laptop).

So no matter your background, you can start remapping and making big money in no time!

Who Is This For?

If you’re looking to escape the draining 9-5 grind, trying to start a new career path or dreaming about being the boss of your own business, this is for you.

If you already have a small-business but would like a bolt-on for easy upsells and an extra source of income, this is for you.

And if you have a passion for cars and want to turn that passion into profit, this is for you.

There are no restrictions for this opportunity. As mentioned above, no prior experience is needed which means anyone can pull it off!


This is not a license to print money. This is not some kind of a get-rich quick scheme. And it’s certainly not a one-sided partnership where we do all the work for you.

This works by giving you all the support you need to become successful in your area. We’ll give you the tools and training so you can show you fullest potential.

"Steal" Our Professional And Proven Equipment

The biggest helping hand you’ll get from a partnership with Black Code is access to all the tools and resources you need to become successful.

We’ll also share our experience with you and coach you through the process, delivering our best techniques and top tips.

We will even support you even after you’ve started to get customers! That’s because we’ll refer you and send more leads your way to make sure your customer pipeline is always full.

But that’s not all…

You’ll also get our equipment and software that’ll allow you to get started with this exciting opportunity.

That way, there’s no big up-front expense like most opportunities that require you to buy expensive equipment or stock inventory.

Check Out The Profit Potential Of This Opportunity!

You can earn at least £250 profit from each remap. That might seem a lot, but it only takes an hour to perform each job!

So if you get a lot of jobs done in a week, the profit potential is HUGE!

For example, our technicians routinely earn about £2,000-£10,000 a month following our simple business model.

This figure is very real, and it's very, very possible for you too.Also, since you don’t need to employ any additional staff, you can keep all the profit for yourself!

Why Is NOW The Right Time?

I mentioned this is an opportunity that not many are taking advantage of.

And I meant it.

The Automotive Aftermarket industry is becoming more popular as the target market is becoming more educated.

People are hearing about remapping and discovering what it can do for their overall driving experience, so the demand for remapping specialists is growing ever bigger… and ever faster.

And since not many people have caught on yet, getting started now means you’ll have less competition!

Your Next Step

So do you want more control over your income and your time? Want to be able to do whatever you want to do during a typical workday without anybody’s permission?

No matter what experience you have in the aftermarket automotive industry, you can do this!

By partnering with Black Code, your introduction to remapping will feel smooth, relaxed and professional.

Our in-house team have experience in both remapping AND in coaching beginners through the process.

They will be there every stage of your training and support you afterwards, making sure you’re never feeling lost, alienated or frustrated.

So now’s the time to start your New Life…where you can earn the money you want to earn and reach your fullest potential.

Also, here’s a dirty little secret for you….

Did you know, if you combine your remapping skills with something else simple but in high demand (like window tinting or vinyl wrapping)…

It’ll give you the chance to make even MORE money and kiss your 9-5 job goodbye!

I have another coaching business known as Master Automotive Group which can show you ropes in either of those skills with just as smooth a process as the remapping.