Anyone can create an independant and profitable business as long as they have solid knowledge, appropriate tools and the right support. Our mission is to provide all three so that deserving individuals and small businesses can develop themselves, build their careers and shape their future into what they want it to be.

Our core values


Every part of our service is thorough, fine-tuned and tailored to you. Our 1:1 training is hands-on to give you an ultimate, well-rounded experience and to provide you with enough practice to become confident in using your new skill.


We love what we do, and we do what we teach. You know you can trust any advice or training we provide since everything we share has been tried and tested by ourselves, developed and adapted to achieve the best possible result.


All of our team members love to learn, and love to help others do the same. We believe you’re never done improving your skills or developing yourself as a person, and that there’s always a way to push yourself just “one step further.”


We only offer the best techniques and proven, money-making strategies to our trainees. The results speak for themselves, and a number of our past students have already joined the 60K Club… or have even reached millionaire status.

Our Biggest Success Is Our Client Success

Out of everything Master Automotive Group has achieved, its the amount of changed lives that have come out of our training which makes up proudest. People have come to us feeling like underdogs, but then left with the confidence to try a new venture and shape themselves into champions. And they have the results to prove it – results which you can see for yourself in the box to the right.

And it's not all about money either. Having developed their own businesses, past trainees have now found more free time, grown a network where they've met hundreds of new people, and actually find their confidence never stops growing.


Earning over £100K
In £0-60K Club
Jobs Quit