Start, Run And Grow Your Own Automotive Aftermarket Business And Become Your Own Boss Without Any Previous Experience!

Start, Run And Grow Your Own Automotive Aftermarket Business And Become Your Own Boss Without Any Previous Experience!

You could soon escape the 9 to 5 daily grind, become your own boss, do something you enjoy, profit from your passion and live life on your terms. Now, my guess is you're here because you're looking to start a part time business alongside your current job. Or you're looking to start a full time business as a career change. Or maybe you've got a business already and you're looking to discover a profitable bolt on income to your existing business. Well,you’re certainly here because you're considering a business in the automotive aftermarket sector. This blog looks at the three major profit centers that the industry has to offer:

– Window tinting
– Vinyl wrapping and paint protection film

I'm going to go deep into the details of each one of those for you, talking about how they work and how they would benefit YOU if you were to decide to start one of these businesses of your own.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Now you might be wondering who am I and why should you listen to me… Well, I'm the founder and CEO of the Master Automotive Group, a leading business in the aftermarket automotive sector where we help individuals like you to start and grow their own businesses.

We’ve be doing this for a long time now, but 13 years ago I started where you are right now. I started my first business and went from zero to generating over £25,000 per month with my own vehicle appearance center.

Back then I made a commitment; when things started working out well for me, I decided that I would help other people do the same thing so I could give back and contribute to them. They would get the benefit of what I'd learned so they didn't fall into the many pitfalls that I did.

I've actively been helping people start, run and grow their own automotive businesses for the past 9 years, each year helping hundreds of people across the UK and throughout Europe get started the right way. We've actually trained people from more than 29 different countries in window tinting, vinyl wrapping and vehicle remapping.

Our mission as a business is pretty simple ‒ it's to help individuals and small businesses start and grow their own successful automotive aftermarket businesses.

I started with nothing except a bit of seed money when I left university. In fact, I was actually in over £7,000 worth of debt. So I had to start in a small way… I invested what was quite a significant amount of money at the time in training and learnt the skills of my first venture, window tinting. Later I progressed onto vehicle remapping and then slightly later on vinyl wrapping. Then I combined all 3 things into a vehicle appearance center.

But I actually got started mobile (with a very low budget) running from my own humble Astra van, running round car dealerships. I found that doing work with car dealerships was great because they needed what I offered, but I could even work within their own premises. I went from zero to earning over £60,000 in my first 12 months, and it’s not easy starting a business if you've got money behind you, which I didn't have at the time.

So last year I decided that I was going to write a book called Zero to 60 which details the journey of how it all happened and how you could follow those steps that I took to get the same success for yourself. I also talk about now, 13 years later, having a business that consistently generates over £25,000 a month with our own vehicle appearance center.

Our head office in Stafford is just over 3,500 square foot. This is a recent, purpose-built facility to cater for all of our training needs. The majority of the people that we help come for residential training courses which are all hands on, so you come and meet us face to face. It’s easy to travel to us since we’re centrally located in the Midlands in the UK, meaning people can travel to us or even fly to us.

We have everything that we need to be able to get you to a professional standard and that means that we can simulate lots of different real life situations and what's best you can actually work on rail vehicles as well.

Over a period of days, we take people from having no previous experience in window tinting, vinyl wrapping or vehicle remapping to practicing them at professional standard. And we approve them in whichever automotive aftermarket training course they look into. And the best thing, if you’re not sure which skills would suit you the best, is that you can combine different training courses. It can be really complimentary.

Here's a picture of some of our team here to show that we're real people with a real business we've been recognized for. (We're one of the few training centers that has been established for over 13 years and running not just a training center but actually running a real business – practicing what we preach.)

And that's a really big difference for you because if you get trained and learn from people that have actually done this as a business, the quality and standard of your training will be so much higher. You want to avoid and navigate through common mistakes, so if your trainers have lived through it and provide solutions, you don't need to rework anything or “reinvent the wheel.” We can just tell you what works and you can follow a step-by-step proven system that we're already using in our own business, which is super helpful.

As a business we are endorsed by all of the leading manufacturers, so if you've heard of different manufacturers through those different types of services like window tinting and vinyl wrapping, we're independent, which is great because we get a choice of all of the different providers of material and supplies out there, but we're actually endorsed by all of them. In fact, they recommend us.

And the other big distinction is that we're the only IMI approved training center in the UK.

That's a big thing because if you know anything about IMI (you may already be in the motor trade) you'll know that this is what the governing body is a for our own marketplace. So when you come on a training course, you're going to be able to get certified and accredited by the IMI, giving you and your new business credibility. And you know that the curriculum that we took you through has also been signed off by the IMI as well.

We've also been seen in the likes of Evo, Top Gear and Car Magazine. Maybe that's how you found us?

Month in, month out, our retail business – not our training business, but our retail business – consistently generates over £25,000 per month using the same exact services that I'm going to share with you here. Now, you might be wondering, “Well, that seems quite stretch, like an awful lot of money,” but let me tell you that it's extremely possible. I know that because that's exactly what we're doing.

But I'm not saying that just by reading this blog and deciding to take the next step and talk to us about a training course, that you're going to get these same results. I think we both probably understand that you need to follow a system in order to get results, and you need to get trained the right way. And after you've been trained, you also need the right support. Well, we're here for you. But I just want to say our results are certainly not typical of everybody.

Window Tinting

Now let's talk about the first profit center ‒ how to tint car windows. For this, there is no previous experience necessary. It’s a hands on business and you can get up to speed extremely quickly.

Now you might be wondering why window tinting has been an extremely popular and profitable service in the automotive aftermarket industry. Firstly, it is an ultra high profit margin business. You're usually working to a 70% margin because both the start up costs and the overheads are extremely low.

And as I shared with you, I initially started mobile, working from own small van before transitioning into a small commercial unit (which really only needed to fit one car in, so around 700 square foot). The rent for that is extremely low and that's all you really need when you're just starting out on your own.

At first, you're not looking to employ people or anything like that. That’ll give you the facility for not just window tinting but also to do vehicle remapping or to gravitate towards vehicle wrapping at some point in the future. We’re taking people from all different walks of life into the window tinting business, helping them to do just that.

Now, one of the big attractions for setting up your own window tinting business is the profit and income potential. Here is a breakdown for illustration purposes of what you could expect just over a year of your own window tinting business.

And this isn't with any other services that you might combine with it, or bolt on to it. This is just a window tinting and as you can see, it's very feasible and very possible, even in a very conservative manner. And these are very conservative numbers by the way. You could reach nearly £60,000 in revenue within your first 12 months of getting trained because the margins allow you to be able to do that.

This gives you a consistent, predictable flow of people coming to you, wanting their windows tinted, both from a retail perspective but also from a trade perspective for car dealerships as well. And the income can quickly build when it's only costing you between £12-£15 pounds to tint a vehicle. And that's really how I was able to go from zero to £60,000 in my first 12 months.

Now, there's lots of different types of training courses on the market and we specialize in three main ones, but they range from online training to full hands-on training programs and usually those hands-on training programs are between three to four days. They have one-to-one instruction, so it’s you and a trainer who’s fully focused on you, your abilities, what you're finding challenging and showing you how to overcome what you’re struggling with.

Not everybody is the same. So although we have a course curriculum and guidelines of the IMI accreditation to follow, we make that your course works for you as you go through it, as well as all of our courses approved by the National Association of aftermarket automotive professionals. And of course IMI accredited.

So after the training course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. There’s a small test to make sure you've learned everything you need. These courses are industry leading and regardless of wherever you start, whatever job or business you have right now, we have literally trained hundreds of people with no previous experience already. Of course we've got plenty of testimonials and case studies on our website to prove how much we helped those people.

Vinyl Wrapping - The Revolution!

The second profit center is how you can cash in on the vinyl wrapping revolution to transform the look of any vehicle. And I'm sure it isn't news to you since you’re reading this, but the vogue of getting your vehicle wrapped is now not just for celebrities and footballers ‒ you see lots of vehicles now getting full wraps.

Now, I'm going to come back to that in a bit, but I'm one of the questions you may be thinking; why vinyl wrapping as a business?

First of all, a bit like window tinting, it has extremely low startup costs and initial investment. Really, the main cost and initial investment for you is going to just be getting started the right way with the right training.

It does provide an ideal bolt on for an existing business and maybe you have a business that will be complementary to this already. Maybe you have another type of service that this would work well with. Some people are already in the vinyl business. Maybe they're a sign writer or something like that and they want to learn how to wrap vehicles the right way.

And also it works well if you're looking to combine this with other profit centers that we're talking about here, such as window tinting and vehicle remapping, as a complete package because it's easy for you to then cross sell and cross promote all of those services together.

And of course with vinyl wrapping, you're not just talking about full vehicle wraps. You'd also talking about component wraps, interior wraps, different areas of the vehicle that you can wrap and of course there is the highly profitable business at the moment of paint protection film that we also offer a training course for.

You can get up to speed pretty quickly. Again, within a matter of days, we can take you through every aspect of wrapping a vehicle. You are actually wrapping a rail vehicle in real life conditions. The business is quite straightforward to get started with as well, since no stock holding is required. You can simply buy the different types of vinyl that you want when you need them. So there's no high investment in lots of different types of material out there.

The other question is, why is now the best time for you to get started with vinyl wrapping?

Well, obviously there's a high demand for professional services because the market has continued to develop. It's more educated than ever before.

There's also a shortage of qualified installers and there's no doubt that people are looking to personalize their vehicles. There's definitely a vogue for that.

There's also more material options than ever before and there's been a big decrease in material customer. That's a big thing for you because it now doesn't cost £5,000 or £6,000 to go and wrap a vehicle. You can get a vehicle wrapped for much less as a retail customer. And in turn, it costs you a lot less money to wrap that vehicle as well. So in turn, you're going to be able to track more people to your business.

Now, there's different income streams that are referred to you just before that you can consider. Obviously, the one that's most prolific and which you see a lot of are full color changes. This is where you're wrapping the whole of the vehicle, usually with one type of vinyl. There's obviously lots of different variations, from textured to Matt, to Matt metallic, to gloss, to decorative.

But also there also the option that after you've been trained, you can offer the services for digital printed media as well. So think about Sky vans ‒ you know, those ones that go along with the big Homer Simpson's on the side and things like that. You can offer the same service because you understand how to fit and wrap them to a professional standard and we can help you with the design and digital printing parts of the process as well, after you've been trained.

And one of the things that not a lot of people know is there's a real profit in doing what we call component wrapping. And this is where people may come to you to get wing mirrors wrapped, roofs wrapped, spoilers wrapped or bonnets wrapped. Even interior parts wrap and there's a great margin in that as well.

And just generally, if you look at some of the pricing here for different types and different sizes of vehicle for full vehicle wraps, you can really start to see the profit potential here.

It usually takes between 3-4 days to wrap really any vehicle, even if it's a small vehicle through to a large vehicle, the profit margins are exceptional for you. And one of the best things about that, is you don't have to hold the stock.

Similar to window tinting, there is online training and also hands-on training programs that last between 3-5 days, but some differ to window tinting. One of the things that we offer as a training course, is what we call our spotlight course. This is where you can bring actually wrap your own vehicle on the training so that when you complete it, you've got to driving advert of the new skill that you've learned promoting your own business. That's quite popular and some things that you may want to take advantage of.

In some cases, some people may even bring a customer's vehicle to wrap their vehicle on the training as well.

And of course all the courses are also NAP certified and IMI accredited. And as you may have seen, we have trained lots and lots of different people in vinyl wrapping whether that individual is looking to start their own business part time or as a full time career. Or maybe they've got an existing business and they're looking to add vinyl wrapping on as an extension of what they do. We’ve helped hundreds of people to do that.

Vehicle Remapping

Now, the third and final profit center is vehicle remapping where you can unleash the potential of virtually any vehicle through tuning different types of vehicle that are on the road today.

Now, if this is the first time you'd been introduced to remapping, it’s an engine tuning service suitable for virtually any vehicle which enables some of this restrictions put on it by its manufacturer to be lifted. This allows us to get more power, greater response, and lower fuel consumption, also sometimes lower CO2 as well.

This will then improve a vehicle’s overtaking ability, create a smoother driving experience for the customer, enhance throttle response, improve towing performance, etc.

The process is done by connecting to the vehicle through what we call the serial port, which is the onboard diagnostics port. There's no hardware or engine components that need to be altered in any way for us to tune the actual vehicle itself.

Now, we do this in partnership with our sister company called Black Code, which you may have heard of. They've been established for over 10 years and are nationally recognized in the vehicle remapping market. They've been featured in different magazines like Top Gear and Evo and Car Magazine.

1 of the reasons why we've been so successful (and 1 of the reasons why we promote that training course in business packages) is because we custom write all of our software in house using our own proprietary system. Each year they help thousands of motorists unleash the true potential of their vehicles.

There's lots of different vehicles that can be remapped and are applicable to the service including cars, vans, motorbikes, trucks, hgvs, etc. But there's over 17,000 vehicle variations that can benefit from the Black Code service and there's a continuing development cycle of new vehicles that we continually bring onto the system that you can choose the software and the hardware for.

The process of remapping is actually very simple.

– The first part is preparing the vehicle by putting it through a diagnostic check (and we will provide that for you). You don't have to buy any of this equipment ‒ it's part of the package.

– Next, you read the information from the vehicle following the step-by-step instructions.

– You then send that information to the office here at Master Automotive Group so Black Code team can then modify it for you within an hour to your specifications, whether that's to increase that vehicle’s performance, economy, or maybe a blend of the two.

– You can then reinstate the file when we send it back to you, so you just reverse the process. It’s just like receiving an email attachment; you take that attachment and load it back onto the vehicle.

– You test drive the vehicle, get paid directly, and then we offer a warranty for every single vehicle against any mechanical failure or fault as part of the software.

Black Code is a great way to bolt on this remapping service to what you already do whether you're looking to add this immediately with window tinting or vinyl wrapping, or to do this together at some point in the future. It's an ideal income stream, easy to integrate into what you already do, and a great cross sell. If somebody comes in for a window tint, it's easy to offer this to them as well; “Would you like to improve the performance of your vehicle as well? This is how we can help you.”

You don't need any additional staff to employ. You don't need to take up any extra workshop space. It requires very little training and the training course for Black Code is a 1 day training course, which is also IMI certified as well.

And of course because you're offering a new service like this, it attracts more people to your business, which they can give you the opportunity to promote. That's what we do and that's the reason why our business has accelerated so fast ‒ because we can offer all of these different services at the same time to the same type of people.

But it’s also great if you're looking for something to do part time and maybe you're just looking to earn a few extra thousand pounds per month alongside your day job. It's super easy because you don't need the premises to operate this type of business. You can just work from your own car or small van. It’s very, very easy to operate in a part time capacity.

Trust me. I know.

So if you’re looking to get started full time, it's ideal for you because of the low investment to get started and the fact that you can go from knowing nothing about this type of business in terms of tuning and rely upon our technical expertise and competence and capability from a head office standpoint, and then for you to interface with the customer and get the customer and focus on getting a customer. And we’ve helped lots of people to do that.

And of course the earning potential in doing this means you don't actually have to complete that many jobs in order for you to win quite a decent amount of money. And when you combine this together with one of the other profit centers we’ve spoken about, you can be setting your sights on £3,500-£7,000 a month just by doing 10-20 jobs. And when you consider how many of the vehicles you might be interfacing with and other customers might be interfacing with, you can see how this could work for you.

Your Next Step

So let's just recap what we’ve spoken about… The first profit center, tinting car windows. How you can cash in on the vinyl wrapping revolution, transforming the look of a vehicle. And how you can unleash the true potential of any vehicle with vehicle remapping.

So let me ask you a question: If you enjoyed learning all of this, do you think this could maybe work for you?

We have hundreds of testimonials and feedback from people that come onto training courses. Even through private messages people have told us they’re doing exceptionally well with our support and help.

And if you now want to take things to the next level after reading this information, thinking it could work for you, I've got a free offer to invite you try…

Book a discovery call with us. A discovery call is the first step for you to learn more about how we can help you.

Window tinting, vinyl wrapping and vehicle remapping are amongst the simplest and most lucrative business models I've ever seen.

I want to help you get started today so you can begin your journey with a free personal discovery call.

But I just want to be clear before you do that, this isn't for everybody.

This isn't for you if making an investment in your future is going to take food off your table in any way or if you're not prepared to work at developing a skill like one of these profit centres.

It’s not for you if you can't take advice or guidance. We have a successful proven blueprint for business and we want to hand that to you and give it to you and guide you towards that, but you must be willing to take our advice to see the success that you want.

And also this is not for you if you think this is some sort of “get rich quick” scheme.

There is a process that we take you through to support you beyond your training, which if you follow, then there’s an exceptional opportunity and income that you could be creating for yourself. But don't get me wrong, this is not “get rich.” This takes work.

If you want to start your own lucrative part time business alongside your day job, or if you want to take a career change and start a full time proven business, or if you want to add a profitable bolt on service to what you already do, then this is specifically for you.

So let me explain how the process works:

First, what you want to do is visit this page to book a free personal discovery call. This is where we'll really begin to figure out what you want and how we can make that happen in the fastest time possible, regardless of whatever type of business that you're looking to get started with.

If you decide to join the family, you're going to get the exact system and training processes my own business uses to generate an outstanding income. As I've mentioned, in most months we’re making over £25,000 per month. So if you want to do that, all you need to do is click here to book your free personal discovery call.

So if you're reading this right now, then there's no doubt you want to profit from your passion, and I'm offering you the opportunity to take advantage of this free discovery call.

If you haven't already, make sure you go ahead, select a date and time that suits you and one of my team will take you through the process.

There’s no obligation to you to book a training course, but we will take you through all of the different options and share with you what works, what could potentially work for you, and take you through every aspect of the different training courses that are open to you.

So now you have 2 options. One is obviously, you do nothing and don't take this leap of faith, which is 100% risk free, or…

Today you can make the small investment in doing this and change your current situation for the better.

So I'd encourage you to go ahead, book your call if you haven’t already, and I look forward to seeing you and hopefully having you part of the Master Group family at some point in the future.


If you want to find out more about the individual profit centres you have the chance to develop into a business skill, check out our other blogs. There’s loads of information in them detailing how each will progress as business, why they’re so popular and just how successful each one can be.